Who are we?


Greetings from, well…us. We are Marisa and Lynzi Carlson. Let me (Marisa) give you the easy-to-read and quick bulleted intro:

  • We are married. Yes, all the way, legally, married. To each other.
  • We have 5 kids. I birthed all 5.
  • We have a puppy. His name is Henry. He is a Jack Russell Terrier.
  • We live in a state that can’t decide if it is part of the Midwest or the South. We love to travel but we are Okies. As in from Oklahoma. In the USA.
  • We are the directors of an independent film festival in Edmond, OK called Simply Indie Film Fest. Visit simplyindiefilmfest.com for more info.
  • We have a podcast for Just Living Out Loud. I’ll have Lynzi add some magical link in case you want to tune in.
  • We love to talk about life, our struggles and our joys. Sometimes the topics can get kind of deep and we learn things.
  • I have wanted to do a blog for a while and I have no idea how this will go. We have been dong the podcast for a while (SO sporadically but we are making a comeback soon!) and we have a facebook page but I wanted a place where I could write in a little more depth as things hit me.

Thanks for taking a peek at us and we hope you’ll subscribe and see more of us soon!

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