FAMILY – it’s a sign

I had these old picture frames just sitting around collecting dust – and when I say collecting dust I mean quite literally, I had to dust them off before I could work with them. (Gross right?) Sometimes we allow things to lie dormant for a while until we are ready to work with them, and then we do and things are beautiful and we are creative and everything feels a little bit happier. At least this is what I’m telling myself about weight loss…I’m collecting dust now but sometime when I am ready I will shake of the dust and remodel a bit. But that’s not what this post is about. Ahem.

So I got these frames out and decided to make something neat to go above the front door. I used to have a sign there that said “Ferrell” because that was my last name then and two of the kids last names as well, but I always felt a little bit bad having it because three of my kids have a different last name so I eventually took it down. Then I got divorced and remarried so now we have THREE last names in the wonderfully blended family. You can see that for me the last name over the door thing wasn’t really working out. I wanted something we could all see every time we left the house that reminded us that we are loved and safe and wanted. I went with “family”. That was the word I wanted! And since I had seven frames and only needed six, I decided that a heart at the end would suit.

So I went to Hobby Lobby to get some cute paper and stencils. And I saw the fall decor. I got completely giddy and nostalgic and domestic and all I wanted to do was bring it all home and decorate. I glided up and down the aisles in pure autumnal bliss. My illusions were quickly shattered by people wearing shorts and tank tops and heat pouring in the front door. I decided July might not be the best time for pumpkins and corn stalks and leaf garland. SIGH. Soon my pretties, very soon.

I found paper. I found stupid expensive stencils that weren’t what I wanted at all (come on Hobby Lobby..MORE stencil options in cheap paper please) so I figured I could print some off the internet. I came home with a bit more than I bargained for. (See the cute sign on my mantel? I usually don’t like generic things in my house like the “LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE” stuff but this fit us very well so I went with it.)

I also snagged a couple of decorative bushel baskets on clearance because fall porch decorating is coming and I wanted SOMETHING to remind me that this heat can’t last forever. I found letters on the internet and made stencils and I cut and glued and measured and taped until I was finally done. This is the end result:

I love that the frames are all random and different…just like us. I thought about redoing the “M” because it was in a larger frame and didn’t really match, but my 11 year old daughter and I had this conversation. Me: “I need to fix this M, it isn’t perfect.” Her: “Just like our family”. Whoa. What? There is always some obnoxious child around here spouting hard truths. You want humility? Have children. But she was exactly right. This family is a mixture of people with various last names, interests, issues, and talents. And it is mine. And I love it. We aren’t perfect over here, but we are faMily.

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